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We know that for many residential and business owners in Saddle River, the safety and security of their property is paramount. Often it is difficult to know where to begin and who to trust when it comes to installing gates and security. At Rite Way Automated Gate Access Inc., we have had the honor of installing and servicing gates, fences and access control systems in the Saddle River area since 1995.

We have experience with both commercial and residential properties. We believe that our friendliness, knowledge and commitment to serving our clients is what has given us the good fortune of being Saddle River’s trusted automated gate experts for over 20 years. The following are some areas of our expertise:


Swing gate operators are useful in both residential and commercial settings. They are versatile in that they function for high traffic purposes, such as in a parking garage, or a residential low traffic area as well.


Installing a parking gate operator in your business or residential building’s parking lot saves you money by eradicating the need to hire a human being to regulate the parking. the parking gate has an automatic access system which only opens when a person enters a code or swipes a valid access card or key.


Telephone entry systems are common automatic gate access systems. You have probably seen them in condominiums, office buildings and medical centers. It functions by dialing an access code via telephone which in turn sends a signal to the access point and opens the gate.


We provide all the necessary industry standard hardware to make your gate foolproof and sturdy. you won’t need to worry about constant breaks and their subsequent repairs because we perform every automated gate installation with an unmatched attention to detail and quality. we believe that our commitment to quality and hard work is what sets our service apart from other companies in Saddle River.


Slide gate operators are common in residential settings. Often a gated community employs the use of a sliding gate. Sliding gates can be outfitted with the necessary accessories depending on the needs of the user. this can include access cards, keys, personal identification codes or telephone entry access systems.


We provide full service installation and servicing of state of the art traffic control solutions in the Saddle River area.


Stand alone devices are handy tools that can be placed remotely on doors and use a personal identification code that allows entry. They are usually low-cost and maintenance, and suitable for residential or commercial use.


We can provide you with all of the necessary accessories which accompany the automated gate access of your choosing. At Rite Way Automated Gate Access Inc., we do 100% of the job from start to finish which means you won’t need to spend extra time and money looking for another company to provide you with the necessary accessories to enable your automated gate access system to work.

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